Sep 15 Is Your Key To Find The Best Commerce Course In India

Are you a commerce student looking for the best & most compatible UG or PG commerce courses in India? Well, it’s not possible for you to search extensively about each and every college or university in the country to gather information about the needed courses- the process is too tedious & time-consuming. But not to fret any more as you have today which is ready to serve you information on more than 20,000 higher educational institutions in the country, right at your fingertips.

For example, say, you would like to check out the commerce courses from University of Mumbai. Just write “Mumbai University” on the search engine of the website homepage and you would be immediately taken to the University page. The website will present you the needed basic data on the commerce courses there, their duration, fees, admission & eligibility criteria as well- so that you can choose as per your marks, budget and course preferences. It’s always a smarter decision to reach Mumbai for your higher studies. The City of Dreams is the headquarter of several national and giant private business institutions. It also houses the largest stock exchange in the country and always promises immense educational and career opportunities for commerce students. will also enable you to clear your queries from senior counselors & the site will send you notifications on important deadlines, based on your activities in the portal. You will also find information on the different college festival and events from the website.

Sep 01

Christmas Background In Vector Graphics For Free

Vecteezy presents thousands of free Christmas background in vector graphics for your desktop to get a new look. You could choose any of these vector art and apply it for the screen background. The young and creative vector artists have created variety of designs keeping in mind the choice of people.

How To Get These Background Designs?

Just follow these simple steps and you could avail the best designs as per your choice.

  • Visit the official site of Vecteezy, i.e.,, and login to get started for free.
  • You could enter ‘Christmas’ as the keyword to get accurate browsing category.
  • The result page that opens will contain stunning Christmas vector graphics and uncountable pages with many more designs.
  • You could click on any of these graphics to get a better view and download them for free.

Range Of Christmas Vector Graphics

The variety of vector arts consists of designs such as beautiful snowflakes on blue background, silver Christmas balls on vibrant red background, black Christmas trees on white background with a message in red or green, dynamic vector illustrations and many more. Some of the Christmas tree vector arts have been vivaciously designed that you could not resist yourself from downloading all of them.

You might be bored of the old, pre-installed desktop background in your computer and want to change it. Bring some energy to its appearance by downloading magnificent and striking Christmas background vector arts for free from huge collection of vector graphic designs available on the website.

Aug 09

Choose the Best Cover to Keep An RV Looking Nice Always

The RV is a vehicle that is not used on a daily basis like our car and hence you will be putting the vehicle in storage most of the year. The seasonal changes can take a toll on the RV and hence it is better to be safeguarding your huge investment instead of exposing it to the vagaries of the climate. This is where RV covers catch all the limelight as it can protect your vehicle from bird droppings, wet leaves, seasonal changes, etc.

Invest In the Best Cover

As your RV would have cost you a lot of money, it is equally important for you to opt for the best quality RV covers to protect it. One of the biggest problems that most of the RVs face today is UV degradation.

  • This might cause the color of the paint to fade and also result in huge repair expenses.
  • The metal and the plastic components you see on the outside of the RVs also suffer from harsh UV rays.
  • Tree saps, bird droppings, acid rain, etc. are all the things that can cause severe damage to your RV.

So, using quality covers like adco rv covers is the best option to protect your RV and also to keep your savings in your bank.

Better Protection

The RV covers from Adco are made of good quality polyester or polypropylene fabric that comes with a lifetime warranty. They come with double layer or triple layer protection to offer additional protection to the RV’s roof. You can find RV covers to suit your budget and style and for all kinds of RVs.

Mar 19

Tie The Knot At The Beautiful Highcliffe Castle

Getting married is one of the most important celebrations of your life and it is natural to want every detail of your wedding to be perfect. You may have found the ideal partner but one of the next big wedding decisions to be made is where you will actually get married. A ceremony in a grand stately home or castle is a very popular option and they don’t come much more spectacular than stunning Highcliffe Castle.

A romantic venue

Highcliffe Castle is set in a breathtaking clifftop location overlooking Christchurch Bay and the Isle of Wight. Built between 1831 and 1836 by Lord Stuart de Rothesay, the Grade I listed building is a spectacular example of the Romantic and Picturesque styles and remains a dwelling of great architectural significance. Wedding ceremonies here take place in the Wintergarden or the Drawing Room, two of the castle’s original staterooms. There are two spectacular rooms for the reception. Smaller parties will appreciate the dramatic exposed brickwork and full-length windows of the State Dining Room. The grandiose atmosphere of the Great Hall is enchanting and this room features an incredible 30 foot high stained glass Jesse window.

A colourful past

Highcliffe Castle is not just a stunning wedding venue but has a rich history that adds to its appeal. One of the castle’s most famous owners was Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American entrepreneur best known for introducing a whole new way of shopping to the UK. His famous London department store, Selfridges, made him a fortune and with this money he intended to build the largest castle in the world. In addition to buying Highcliffe Castle, he purchased a large tract of land at picturesque Hengistbury Head and had plans drawn up for a truly incredible dwelling. His plans never came to fruition and he frittered away most of his fortune on high living, but Highcliffe Castle remains one of the most spectacular buildings in the country. Although some of the rooms were badly damaged by fire in the 1960s, a Lottery grant has recently been awarded to restore these parts of the fire to their former glory.

Stunning scenery

One of the most appealing aspects of Highcliffe Castle is that it offers such spectacular opportunities for some truly memorable wedding photos. Not only are the views form the top of the cliff across the bay utterly stunning but the castle itself has a number of fascinating architectural features. The castle is set among 14 acres of parkland and features beautifully-landscaped gardens. Use the steps for group shots or wander among the woodland for intimate portraits. There is also a footpath down to the sandy beach where you and your guests can enjoy the gorgeous coastal backdrop. You could even play an impromptu game of beach cricket for some quirky fun photos of friends and family. Professionals such as are the ideal Wedding Photographer Bournemouth to help you make the most of these amazing surroundings and capture the most memorable moments of your day.

Whatever style and size of wedding you opt for, enchanting Highcliffe Castle is sure to be the perfect venue for a day you will never forget.

Jan 21

How to convert WMA files to MP3 for Mac

Do you need to convert WMA music files to MP3 for your Mac device? Now, the WMA files are not supported by other multimedia devices and hence it’s wiser to convert it into MP3. Moreover, MP3 files take lesser space in comparison to their WMA counterpart, enabling your Mac device to store more and more number of files. Now, how to convert wma to mp3 mac? Well, there are video converter software programs today that will allow you to convert audio files in between various formats. The article here is a brief on how to convert WMA files into MP3 format through audio converter programs.

Step one- Install the converter software

To start with, you would have to download & install the converter software program in your Mac system. Make sure to take a comparative study here since not all converter programs around are worthy of investment. The one you go for should be one of the most reputed names across the industry, followed by a vast list of content clientele.

Step two- Add the WMA files

The next step is to add on the desired audio WMA files to be converted into the installed program. The converter system will feature a section like “Add Audio” – click on that to import the needed files. In case, you desire the conversion for multiple WMA files, you have to choose a converter program with batch processing facility.

Step Three –Choose MP3 as output audio file format

Once you have imported the WMA files, it’s time to choose the output audio file format (MP3 here). The program will feature something like “Convert to”. Click on that and choose the needed (MP3) audio format from the roster. Then, pick the needed bitrate value- if you can’t be sure about which bitrate value to go for, take to the standard 256 kbps.

Step four- Start conversion

After the parameters are decided, it’s time to specify destination folder that will host the output file, once it gets converted into MP3 from WMA. As you set your destination folder, click on “Convert” tab on the program to kick start the conversion process.

If you are looking for a reliable video converter program to convert the WMA files into MP3 for your Mac device, you can take to Movavi Video Converter for Mac. Movavi is a globally reputed brand with customer base in 150 nations.

Jan 07

Retailers need to avoid Black Friday carnage in 2015

This year’s Black Friday carnage made the headlines, with Tesco supermarkets in Glasgow and Manchester needing to be closed down amidst scenes of fighting and disarray. In previous years, IKEA has needed security interventions to deal with rampaging shoppers and TopShop has needed similar assistance.

This year, £810 million was spent on Black Friday in the UK, and next year may see even bigger sales, with the phenomenon only just crossing over from The States. The shopping event is typically timed to follow Thanksgiving in the USA, but was exported to the UK by ASDA (owned by Walmart) and Amazon. (

However, criticism has been levelled against those stores which failed to have adequate security provision in place to manage customers. The general public typically does not want to see the police force used to manage Black Friday crowds, when it should be focusing on ‘genuine’ crime. This means that retailers will have the burden of expectation placed upon them in 2015: if they wish to offer Black Friday sales specials, then they will need to accurately anticipate demand, and ensure that they have adequate processes, controls and security support in place to manage the influx.

Thinking ahead

If you are a retailer, then as part of your business planning for 2015 – particularly business continuity and risk management procedures and plans – you must organise your security services and ensure that you have adequate cover in place to manage crowd control and unruly behaviour in another Black Friday chaos situation. Security provision is a key aspect of business continuity management . Without this coverage from specialist security providers, you will risk legal proceedings; particularly if customers are injured or if personal property is damaged as a result of a failure to correctly manage sales within your premises.

Finding the right security services

There are plenty of security service providers available commercially, including high quality providers such as cuff group guards Gloucester. Security guards will play an essential role in ensuring that your shoppers can enjoy a safe and enjoyable in-store experience without the unruly behaviour of a few causing chaos and damage. Effective security guards will help you to risk assess your premises and ensure that your evacuation, control and escalation procedures are workable and adequate. Security consultation may be a valuable service to ensure you have considered all of the angles and that no part of your business is exposed. Remember, if customers feel that they have encountered injury, loss or damage as a failure on your part, then you could be liable for legal action. Protect yourself with the right security measures and security support.

Another vital service offered by good security provision during this busy season is protection against theft and shoplifting, which increases over the festive season as crowds get heavier and temptations get greater. Again, investment in a quality security service will act as a deterrent, as well as offering support to deal with any situations as they occur, ensure they are managed effectively and allowing you to manage your business safely, effectively, in line with the law – and with a clear eye on best practices.

Sep 11

The Making of Top Romance Novels

Is there a romance reader of any age who hasn’t read till the early morning hours, drawn along by the suspense and excitement of a top romance novel? Oh, the surprise when the couple meets, excitement as they discover their attraction to one another, suspense as they works through conflict, and finally arrive at their HEA (happily ever after) ending.
Today’s top romance novels contain key elements that make readers and writers treasure certain stories and discount others. Here are some of those elements.

The basics

The core elements of romance novels rarely vary no matter the setting. There are a hero, a heroine, and secondary characters. There is conflict, reasons the future lovers do not see eye-to-eye, or a problem that must be solved before they are united. In most romance novels, there is an HEA.

Into the details

Readers expect romance novels to have sustained tension, taut emotion, and steady pacing.

• A top romance novel centers on the protagonists’ love story.

• The primary characters are not the only subject of the story line otherwise the novel quickly becomes boring.

• The lovers are compelling and likeable. Each has flaws but readers appreciate their foibles as well as their heroic and loveable qualities.

• Settings and interactions are plausible. As one reader put it, “I want to walk side by side with the characters and share their experiences.”

• There must be reasons to empathize with the lovers and believe they belong together. And while it may be amusing to have a naïve character, sheer stupidity is not acceptable.

What eliminates a novel from “top romance novel” consideration?

• Readers quickly abandon a romance novel that is one dimensional, or where the lovers take second place to the action and remaining characters become almost invisible.

• Readers dislike waiting till halfway through a novel before the lovers exchange meaningful glances, chaste kisses, or even greater intimacies. Top romance novel writers inject the first hints of romance early and steadily build upon those indication, confirming the tensity and excitation to the very final pages.

• A long and convoluted narrative exhausts the reader; there should be meaningful connections between all elements.

• Gratuitous vulgarity in action and language annoys many readers. It is emotionally jarring readers to follow a romance being tenderly established across the story line only to have the long-awaited words of love unexpectedly devolve to the coarsest street language level.

Top romance novels offer their readers an opportunity to escape the present and explore other people, places and times. It may be the promise of forever or that romantic moment when the curtain slowly descends on the couple’s deepest intimacy. Here’s to late night romance novel reading. Enjoy!

Aug 23

Choosing the perfect rug for any space

Rugs can fit into almost any space in a home but there is more to choosing one than a colour to fit an area’s decor.

Rugs can fit into living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, hallways, even kitchens and bathrooms. However, the first considerations, even before any decisions on colour, should be suitability and safety.

Room traffic

Rugs in living rooms or other family rooms have to endure the greatest amount of traffic, whether adults, children or pets. These rugs should be made of a durable fibre otherwise they will be threadbare within months.

The same applies to rugs in dining rooms. They may look pretty under a table but they will get stained and worn as people shuffle over in their chairs. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid of adding texture and colour to a living room with any of a range of sumptuous fireside rugs from

If you really want to buy that beautiful Oriental silk rug, hang it on the wall.

Non-slip backing

Rugs in children’s rooms and hallways should have a non-slip backing to make them safe for adult guests as well as toddlers who want to play on the floor. Most rugs can be fitted with non-slip pads or strips on the underside. Some of these pads will also help the rug to breathe. If the rug is damp on its underside, it may leave a stain on hardwood or laminate floors.

When choosing a rug for a sunroom or conservatory, it’s worthwhile to buy one that is also suitable for the outdoors.

Rugs are not carpets so it is important that they are laid with some surrounding floor space. They should be laid within 12 to 24 inches from walls and skirting boards. Avoid buying any rug that is too big for a room. It will look out of place, probably not complement a room’s decor and certainly become damaged over a short period.

Colours and rug patterns always create a dilemma. Rugs with any Oriental design will become a focal point, whether they are tiny mats on top of other carpeting or occupy the main space in a room. Unless you want your room to look like a Victorian gentleman’s library, avoid Oriental patterns for rugs unless the furniture and curtains are a neutral colour or pattern.

In bedrooms it is worth remembering that rugs are there to keep your feet warm when you get out of bed as well as for decoration. If the room is of an uneven shape, too large or too small, a useful compromise is to place the rug under the bottom half of the bed. This way, it provides that bit of warmth on the floor as well as a visual effect.

The choice between high and low pile and flat weave rugs depends on personal taste but should include practicality. Stains are more visible on low pile or flat weave rugs but they are also easier to clean. High pile or shaggy rugs are very comfortable for children to play on but they do need considerable cleaning if pets share the home.

Aug 18

Romantic Novels: Five Books Your Teenager Should be Reading

Let’s face it; if you have teenagers, the debate over what they should be reading is almost a lost cause. They read what they want (and probably what you don’t want) over the Internet anyway. However, the battle is not fully lost if you change your strategy.

We all love romantic novels; teenagers are no exception. The trick here is to ‘point them to the right direction’. A good way to do this is buy them a good romantic novel once in a while in the hope that they will develop the habit of reading for themselves.

For starters, I have compiled a list of the ten most recommended books that teenager around the world love to read. They are not arranged in any particular order though – they are all master classes in my opinion.

• “Crown Duel” by Sherwood Smith:

We all love adventure during our teenage years and this book does not disappoint on that score. The story revolves around teenage Countess Meliara who finds herself at the royal palace Athanarel in the Capital City, Remaina. Mel’s attempts to adjust to courtly life are comically presented but she soon finds support in her brother’s fiancée who helps her along. The romance between Mel and Vidnaric, here, is both amusing and mesmerizing.

• “Going Too Far” by Jennifer Echols:

This book will really strike a chord with your teenager as its main character, Meg, wants to escape away from her hometown and her parents who want to suffocate her in their ‘dull’ lives. She finally gets her wish when she goes to Miami to enjoy the beach but things get a bit dicey when she and her friends encounter a cop by the name John.

• “Sloppy firsts: A Jessica Darling Novel” by Megan Mccafferty:

This book will capture your teenager’s attention from the onset; its vivid bright cover is eye-catching. Jessica, the main character, is every girl’s best friend; a straight ‘A’ student with a crush who barely notices her and the mysterious Marcus Flutie, who constantly keeps getting her into trouble. Once your teenage daughter starts reading this, she’ll not put it down – I promise you.

• “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore:

Every teenager loves to think about what it would feel like to have power. This romantic novel takes us into the fantasy world of Katsa, the warrior girl with unmatched beauty, but with the ability to kill and this makes her a Graceling – a being with special talents. Whereas her uncle wants to exploit Katsa’s powers for his own sake, she has other ideas up her sleeve. Katsa has no friends but that is before she meets another Graceling, who not only challenges her opinions and decisions, but also brings warmth into her heart.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all the romance novels out there but it is a good starting point to help your teenager develop and sustain the habit of not just reading but reading the right stuff.

Jul 23

Finding Secret Stashes of Money at Home

It might be hard to believe, but everyone has some hidden stashes of cash inside their homes. Some are easier to access than others, but when cash is tight, it is important to look at all the different options. Uncover a few couch cushions, consider your clutter, and even take a look out in the yard to see what money may be hiding right under your nose.

Loose Change

While it may not make a huge difference in your monthly budget, loose change can still help out in a pinch. Whether it’s helping you splurge on a special treat or adding a little bit of grocery money for the week, change can be found in several different places.

Start with the couch cushions. You’d be surprised how many coins can slip from a person’s pockets. From there, check out the laundry hamper, the washing machine and dryer, and even the floors of the closet.

Redbook magazine estimates that the average household has about $90 worth of change lying around the house. In total, it could be about $10 billion that Americans are literally sitting on.

Unused Gift Cards

While not necessarily cash, gift cards can come in handy in a pinch. Despite how easy they are to use, they tend to fall behind the dresser or get left in an old purse. According to The Wall Street Journal, around one billion dollars in gift cards are waiting to be redeemed.

Take a minute to look around the house and see if you have any gift cards that still have a balance. From your wallet to your pant pockets, round up those cards. Call the number on the back or check the website listed to find out how much of a balance you have left.

Sell a Junk Car

Do you have a car in the yard that no longer runs or isn’t doing you much good? Consider sites that offer a sell my car service. Many companies allow you to start the process online, setting up an appointment or allowing you to provide more information about your vehicle.

Even if your car isn’t “junk,” it could still be the key to extra cash. A vehicle that isn’t used often, or if your family can live with just one vehicle, may enable you to sell one car and take advantage of the cash it generates. This also means saving on gas and car insurance each month, yet another secret stash of cash that you may not even know you had.

When you need some cash fast, there are lots of different ways to find money. You could take out a loan or hit up the savings account. However, before you do anything rash, consider looking around your own home for hidden stashes of cash.

You can use the money right away or save up for something bigger. There is nothing better than uncovering money that you didn’t realize was right under your nose